2 = robust, strong [stronger -comp., strongest -sup.], sturdy [sturdier -comp., sturdiest -sup.], loud [louder -comp., loudest -sup.], hefty [heftier -comp., heftiest -sup.], tight [tighter -comp., tightest -sup.], forte, brawny [brawnier -comp., brawniest -sup.], buoyant, hard-wearing, strong point, nippy [nippier -comp., nippiest -sup.].
Nota: Generalmente referido a los sabores.
Ex. Although microcomputers are relatively robust, they do not take kindly to frequent moves from one location to another, particularly on wheeled trollies.
Ex. In fact, the 1979 index figures show a strong contrast between the hardback and paperback turnovers, with the hardback market being down and the paperback market up.
Ex. Here came every sort of human ingredient -- sturdy homesteaders, skilled craftsmen, precious scoundrels.
Ex. Visitors would be surprised by the loud creaking and groaning of the presses as the timbers gave and rubbed against each other.
Ex. This new font had increased contrast and x-height in the lower case and a hefty set of capitals = Este nuevo tipo de letra había aumentado el contraste y el ojo medio de las minúsculas y las mayúsculas eran voluminosas.
Ex. The platen was lashed up tight to the toe of the spindle by cords which connected hooks at its four corners to another set of hooks at the four lower corners of the hose.
Ex. Statistical analysis has long been a forte of sociological & social research.
Ex. This revolutionary syndicalist union consistently supported the most downtrodden & oppressed, & encouraged a cult of the unspoiled, heroic brawny proletarian with raw courage & 'natural' virtues.
Ex. The foreign relations of the Community will probably remain a buoyant area.
Ex. The manufacturers of this type of artificial turf say that while the grass is soft and springy underfoot it is extremely tough and hard-wearing.
Ex. One of the strong points of the DIALOG service is the documentation.
Ex. Blend cream cheese with prepared horseradish for a nippy taste.
* amarillo fuerte = bright yellow.
* andar pisando fuerte = go from + strength to strength, make + a big impact.
* apretar fuerte = bear down on.
* bebida alcohólica fuerte = hard drink, hard liquor.
* caja fuerte = safe, safety deposit box.
* combinación de la caja fuerte = safe code, safe combination.
* con fuertes aspiraciones profesionales = upward-mobile.
* dar fuerte = pack + a wallop.
* delgado y fuerte = wiry.
* demasiado fuerte = over-strong.
* de olor fuerte = strong-smelling.
* fuerte como un roble = as strong as an ox.
* fuerte como un toro = as strong as an ox.
* fuertes lluvias = heavy rain.
* fuerte viento = strong wind.
* golpear fuerte = wallop, whack.
* golpe fuerte = whack.
* hacer más fuerte = toughen.
* hacerse más fuerte = gain in + strength, grow in + strength.
* iluminación fuerte = task lighting.
* ley del más fuerte, la = law of the jungle, the, survival of the fittest, survival of the strongest.
* mar fuerte = heavy sea.
* más fuerte que un roble = as strong as an ox.
* más fuerte que un toro = as strong as an ox.
* naranja fuerte = bright orange.
* olor fuerte y penetrante = tang.
* pegar fuerte = pack + a wallop.
* pisar fuerte = go from + strength to strength, make + a big impact, stomp.
* plato fuerte = main dish, strong point, entrée, main entrée.
* poner más fuerte = crank up.
* punto fuerte = strength.
* sabor fuerte y penetrante = tang.
* supervivencia del más fuerte = survival of the fittest, survival of the strongest.
* tener una personalidad muy fuerte = be full of character.
* tener un carácter muy fuerte = be full of character.
* un fuerte sentimiento de = a strong sense of.
* viento fuerte = high wind.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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